High Security

Marks USA High Security

Marks USA introduces our new HI-SECURITY™ Cylinders Line!


Common pin tumbler cylinders may be compromised by picking, drilling or key bumping. For applications where a greater security level is required,
we suggest using pick/drill resistant cylinders with multiple pin planes such as those with side-bars. Marks USA HI-SECURITY™ Cylinders
are constructed with sidebars and are drill, pick and bump resistant.

  • Prevents Unauthorized Key Duplication!

  • Resists Picking, Drilling and Bumping

  • Patented Key Control

  • Restricted Keyway

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Hardened Steel Side Bars

  • Standard Key Machine

  • UL 437 Optional


Mul-T-Lock® manufactures high-security locks to suit a wide range of applications:

  • Hercular® deadbolt

    (shown to left) provides the highest level of security for commercial and residential doors. Featuring hardened steel inserts and parts reinforced with some of the strongest-available materials, the Hercular® deadbolt provides the best protection against tampering, prying and drilling.

  • Cam locks

    come in a range of sizes for use in diverse applications such as parking meters, cash boxes, casinos and pay telephones.

  • High-security locks

    protect sensitive storage areas such as drawers and cabinet doors.

  • Switch locks

    offer key control for electrical circuit systems such as alarm systems.

GMS MX Restricted

  • Proprietary Keyway

    All MX keyways are of proprietary design and only MX key blanks will work with these cylinders. MX key blanks are only available through authorized dealers who will ensure keys are not issued without authorization.

  • Key Control

    Keys to any MX system will only be issued with proper authorization. Owners of the system will have the peace of mind knowing all issuance of MX keys are recorded and the records are safely kept by the dealer.

  • Economical

    Compare to other key control systems, you may save over 50% with MX cylinders! Why pay for features you don’t need?

  • Pick Resistant

    Every MX cylinder is equipped with anti-picking driver pins and the profiles of MX proprietary keyways are specifically designed to restrict the access of common picking tools.

Service You Can Trust

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